Plug-and-Play Monitor 2.0

Plug-and-Play Monitor 2.0: Reports plug-and-play notifications from the system. Plug-and-Play Monitor (PnPMon) is an experimental tool that displays plug-and-play notifications from the system and other device notifications. Click the Notifications > Device menu option to start receiving device notifications. This program may come in handy to possibly identify plug-and-play issues or to study plug-and-play notifications.

CellLink 1.7: Interface Microsoft Outlook( meetings, tasks and email) to your cellphone.
CellLink 1.7

notifications of your meetings and their location via your cellphone. Receive notifications in the morning of the first meeting of the day. Receive notifications in the evening of the first meeting the following day. Receive notifications of task deadlines, prior to their due dates. Receive reminders of past due tasks. Receive notifications of urgent emails that arrive while you`re away from your desk. This product can be utilized in conjunction

tasks, meeting reminder, notifications, todo, cell phone

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Public Folder Watcher

Overview: Public Folder Watcher (PFW) is an add-on for Microsoft Outlook enabling support of notifications about changes in Exchange Public Folders and providing a status of unread email messages. It works similar to standard Outlook email notifications, but also has several additional features that may be useful for those who use Public Folders. Notification about unread items is the main advantage of our addon.

monitoring, notification, outlook, e mail, public folders, tracking, exchange

Traylook Add-in for Outlook 1.5.0: Outlook Add-in which provides popup style notifications of incoming email.
Traylook Add-in for Outlook 1.5.0

Traylook runs in the system tray and provides unobtrusive notifications of new email in selected Outlook folders, using a colorful MSN-style popup window. You can quickly glance at the incoming messages as they scroll by one at a time. Read/Delete email directly by clicking links in the notification popup window. You can customize the color of the popup window, limit notifications to selected folders, select an alert sound and more.

pergenex, tray, monitor, email, utilities, watch, popup, utility, notify, alert, outlook, e mail, add in

Always Watching 2.2: Allows you to watch any folder on your file system or network for changes.
Always Watching 2.2

notifications including a popup window with auto dismiss options, a flashing tray icon that will queue up notifications until you want to see them, Windows NetSend, SMTP internet email with customizable "from name" and "from address", and Command Line, allwoing you to execute and pass change details to the programs, scripts or batch files of your choice. -Optional delay. There are some folders you can watch that would simply get annoying with too

change, file, directory, folder, watch, notification, filesystem, utility

Ascella Log Monitor Plus 1.9.1: Notifies about events from the Windows event log by LAN and e-mail messages
Ascella Log Monitor Plus 1.9.1

notifications targets (like email) or all notifications. Supports the filtering by log type (Application, Security, System, etc.), type of event (Error, Warning, Information, etc.), selection by EVENTID, SOURCE, CATEGORY. * Is able to execute external application or scripts as a reaction on some event using the event data as command line parameters. * Informs about occurred events by: o Email notifications via any SMTP server o Network pop-up messages

eventlog, network, monitoring, server, mail, monitor, event

Business Messenger 1.3.8: Send notifications directly to the users` desktop (from RSS, SharePoint, etc.)!
Business Messenger 1.3.8

Business Messenger allows you to directly and precisely distribute important information or notifications from various sources such as RSS feeds, SharePoint, Intranet, e-mail accounts, Twitter accounts or instant messaging (IM) applications in real time to the users` computers. Based on the importance and type of information, different visualizations are available such as "toast notifications", full screen pop ups, a desktop news ticker, etc.

scrolling, send, news ticker, twitter, ticker, altering, informed, corporate, mass, tape, popup, business, updated

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